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Most professionals have switched to working from home since the start of the pandemic in 2020. Having a dedicated private space at home where you can work without distraction has now become an essential need. Creating this space requires a lot of consideration since you will be spending a lot of time there. 

The way your home office is designed can indirectly affect your productivity. It can either boost or drain your concentration when you need to meet a deadline. A good interior design can help motivate you when done correctly. It can foster positivity and creativity to help you accomplish your tasks. The Dublin Painters will assist you in achieving a stimulating work environment at home.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our workers are highly skilled. They are knowledgeable about the different practices in the field because of their wide background.
  • We are punctual and reliable. We always arrive at the designated time and we do our work within the agreed schedule.
  • We guarantee 100% completion. We never leave our work unfinished. Excellence and quality are our top priorities.
  • Cleaning after completion. We make sure that your house remains clean, paint-free, and dust-free after our decorating.
  • High-grade materials. We only use the best quality of materials for your home and office painting to guarantee perfect results.
  • We work smoothly and silently. We try to work with as little noise and disruption as possible, so you can continue with your life.
  • Insured painters. We provide insurance to all our workers and we have carefully checked their background to ensure our client’s safety.
  • Offer a strong work guarantee. If we missed something during our service, we’ll return and fix it at your most convenient time.

Previous Work

Rathgar, Dublin

Bright Bathrooms

In this home south of the city, our team was tasked with a full bathroom renovation and painting.

Dundrum, Dublin

Clean Kitchens

In Dundrum the Clancy family needed their new kitchen decorated. They were very happy with the results.

Clontarf, Dublin

Relaxing Bedrooms

In Clontarf Laura McEnany wanted her bedroom repainted and refreshed. We were happy to oblige.


Why Choose The Dublin Painters?

  • Top notch results
  • Customer-friendly pricing
  • Trained painters with years of experience
  • Free quotes at convenient times
  • Our equipment is only the very best
  • Systematic approach from preparation to clean up
  • Get long warrantys on all work
  • Reliable staff
  • Our teams cover all areas in Dublin and other counties
  • Free colour consultations

Looking for meticulous, fast, and trustworthy home office painting services? The Dublin Painters will deliver top-notch results while you relax in Phoenix Park or Corkagh Park. You can also contact us for precise ceiling painting for your Dublin home or when you’d like to transform your dining room with a fresh coat of paint. We offer no-obligation, no-risk quotations to every caller. We can send our representative to your place at your most convenient time.

The Dublin Painters have a dedicated customer service hotline for all your questions and consultations. You can reach The Dublin Painters from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily through our social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter), phone number, email address, and live chat.

Satisfied Customers

Our home looks great and we have gotten lots of comments on the new colours. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone looking for skilled painters in Dublin.

Sean Treacy


I hired The Dublin Painters to repaint my sitting room and hallways and I’m so happy with how it turned out. My home feels brighter and more uplifting when I arrive home from work. Great service.

Cathy Sweetman


Everything was completed to a very high standard. It was very neat with no touch-ups needed. We felt the price was very fair. Thank you for everything, from the O’Brien family.

Chris O’Brien

Dun Laoghaire

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Five Year Insurance-Backed Guarantee

Not satisfied with the results of our home office painting services? That’s rare, but if it does happen, we will promptly fix any problem you may have, at no additional charge. The Dublin Painters also offer a five-year insurance-backed guarantee for our work.

Free Colour Consultation

The Dublin Painters also offer free colour consultation if you need any advice on what paint or wallpaper design best suits your home. 

Contact us anytime for free quotation and consultation. We would gladly help you to the best of our knowledge.


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Painting Tricks From Our Dublin Home Office Decorators

Select the best home office wall colour

Painting the walls of your home office should be well thought through as it may affect your mood and outlook. The colour of your walls can depend on the type of work you do. For example, in colour psychology, red symbolizes passion and energy while blue represents calmness and relaxation. Yellow, on the other hand, can help you focus and concentrate.

You can also mix some colours to avoid monotony. A light yellow room can have hints of red. A blue coloured room can use a splash of yellow to break the monotone. However, it is important to note that you should not add too many colours in one room. Two colours that complement and do not overpower each other should be fine. 

The paint’s texture should also be considered in addition to its colour. Choosing a highly glossy paint can help give you an energy boost. Health wise, do not use paints with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as they have a bad effect on your health. 

If you work in two different office rooms, whether one at home or one in the office, try to make a distinction between them in terms of design and colour. It will help you create a mental difference between the two. Contact The Dublin Painters and get a free colour consult service for expert guidance on picking out a suitable shade for your home office walls.

Different home office painting colours to suit your profession

Here are some of the popular colour schemes for your home office, which a painter service in Dublin can help you with:

  • Creativity: A vibrant teal with accents of brilliant white trim suits those who are in creative industries.
  • Energy: Bright colours like orange and red are best to boost energy and intensity. However, painting the walls with these colours can be overpowering. We suggest a milder version, like a muted orange or peach, or adding orange or red accents only.
  • Relaxation: Blue is the go-to colour for a relaxing or peaceful room. However, it should not be done too much as it may affect your mood and make you less productive. Consider turquoise instead. 
  • Intensity: Red is the colour of energy and intensity. If you work in sales and you need a boost to help you sign that deal, having red accents can help you sustain the energy. Consider adding bold accent pieces in red like lamps, furniture or cushions can also help boost your mood. 
  • Modern: Nothing says modern like black accent pieces against a contrasting background. The contrast of black and white can be a good design as long as there is a large amount of natural light. 
  • Inspiration: A mix of violet and blue can help you relax and at the same time let your creative juices flow. It also lets you concentrate on the details. 
  • Serious: While there are conventional designs, the decision is still yours because it is your own room. You can choose to break these patterns and just follow your gut. 

Home office painting is one of the services offered by The Dublin Painters. Our pool of talented painters and designers can help you achieve the perfect design for your home office. Explore our rates and get more information about our painting services. Our trained crew of painters will be there for you when you need expert interior painting throughout Dublin or when you wish to refresh your home in Dublin with new wallpaper. Contact us to get a free, no-obligation, no-risk quotation.

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