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There’s something unique and charming about bricks. Houses built with bricks exude a certain sophistication that you only get from old vintage houses. Although a bit more expensive than other materials, bricks could last for up to 80 years when taken good care of.

If you want to give your bricks a healthy touch-up, painting is a good way to enhance their appearance. 

Why should you paint your brick house?

  • It will regain its charm.
  • It will brighten up both interior and exterior as old bricks tend to pull out the light.
  • It will look more prominent with a colour that blends with the surroundings.

It will enhance the overall look of the house and even help increase property value.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our workers are highly skilled. They are knowledgeable about the different practices in the field because of their wide background.
  • We are punctual and reliable. We always arrive at the designated time and we do our work within the agreed schedule.
  • We guarantee 100% completion. We never leave our work unfinished. Excellence and quality are our top priorities.
  • Cleaning after completion. We make sure that your house remains clean, paint-free, and dust-free after our decorating.
  • High-grade materials. We only use the best quality of materials for your home and office painting to guarantee perfect results.
  • We work smoothly and silently. We try to work with as little noise and disruption as possible, so you can continue with your life.
  • Insured painters. We provide insurance to all our workers and we have carefully checked their background to ensure our client’s safety.
  • Offer a strong work guarantee. If we missed something during our service, we’ll return and fix it at your most convenient time.

Previous Work

Rathgar, Dublin

Bright Bathrooms

In this home south of the city, our team was tasked with a full bathroom renovation and painting.

Dundrum, Dublin

Clean Kitchens

In Dundrum the Clancy family needed their new kitchen decorated. They were very happy with the results.

Clontarf, Dublin

Relaxing Bedrooms

In Clontarf Laura McEnany wanted her bedroom repainted and refreshed. We were happy to oblige.


Why hire The Dublin Painters?

Don’t hesitate to call us if you need any type of comprehensive exterior painting services across Dublin. We’ll send out reliable drywall and plastering contractors as well as get your wallpaper installed by a skilled team. And that’s not all. We offer trusty garage floor painting services, a free colour consultation with our experts before any painting is done, and much, much more. Reach out to us to get to know all about our prices plus additional information.

The Dublin Painters have a dedicated customer service hotline for all your questions and consultations. You can reach The Dublin Painters from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily through our social media accounts (Facebook and Twitter), phone number, email address, and live chat.

Here is what sets our brick wall painting service apart from all the rest:

  • Only the very highest quality finishes
  • Professional grade equipment
  • Premium paints and wallpapers
  • We only hire painters that specialise in their respective areas
  • Each team has decades of combined experience
  • Efficient and productive staff
  • Long warrantys provided
  • Quotes are always free
  • Free one-on-one design and colour consultations provided
  • Regular inspections and training to maintain high quality workmanship
  • Fair rates
  • The Dublin Painters cover many areas including Dublin and the surrounding counties

Looking at painting the bricks at home? Contact The Dublin Painters and get your free quotation. We offer no-obligation, no-risk quotations for any caller. We can send our painting experts to your home in The Liberties, Tallaght, or another Dublin neighborhood at your most convenient time.

Quality work at an affordable price

The painters we hire are all highly skilled and possess a vast amount of experience in providing brick wall painting services. They have a wide background in terms of painting, refurbishing, repair, and redecorating different buildings like homes, buildings, and other commercial spaces. They work fast and efficiently to minimise any possible disruption.

Our painters are reliable. They uphold professionalism at all costs. Aside from their skills, their working ethics are also commendable. You can expect them to finish the project at the client’s given time frame.

With The Dublin Painters, you get the best value for your money. We make sure that our rates are friendly and competitive to accommodate the budget of our customers. We want to provide our customers with excellent service without costing them a fortune.

Satisfied Customers

Our home looks great and we have gotten lots of comments on the new colours. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone looking for skilled painters in Dublin.

Sean Treacy


I hired The Dublin Painters to repaint my sitting room and hallways and I’m so happy with how it turned out. My home feels brighter and more uplifting when I arrive home from work. Great service.

Cathy Sweetman


Everything was completed to a very high standard. It was very neat with no touch-ups needed. We felt the price was very fair. Thank you for everything, from the O’Brien family.

Chris O’Brien

Dun Laoghaire

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Five Year Insurance-Backed Guarantee

Not satisfied with our work on your brick wall? That’s rare, but we will surely fix any problem with our painting services for free. The Dublin Painters also offer a five-year insurance-backed guarantee for our work.

Free Colour Consultation

The Dublin Painters offer free colour consultation if you need any advice on what paint or wallpaper design best suits your home. 

Contact us anytime for free quotation and consultation. We would gladly help you to the best of our knowledge.


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Some extra tips for brick wall painting

How do professional brick wall painters do it?

Ensure that the bricks are completely dry before you start painting. Clean the walls first and then allow to dry. Below are tips to carry out in your preparation for brick painting.

  • Prepare the tools you need like soap, paint roller, water, painter’s tape, paintbrush, latex primer, Trisodium phosphate (if needed), drop cloths, wire brush and masonry. Using safety goggles and gloves is also advised.
  • Clean the bricks and make sure to remove dirt, mould, mildew, and other unwanted deposits.
  • Allow time for drying before you paint.
  • Examine to see if there are any cracks.
  • Use painter’s tape on areas not covered to avoid stains.
  • Apply primer by using a roller or brush. Add another layer on parts affected by mildew. Let it dry. 
  • Choose the paint to be used. Elastodynamic paint is often used for bricks because it fills up cracks and prevents further damage. You can also use regular latex paint because of its endurance to mildew and moisture. 

On painting brick walls

The fastest way to paint your bricks is by using spray paint. You can also opt to use a brush or a roller. 

A glossy or a semi-glossy finish is always recommended for bricks because they help highlight details. They are also easy to clean and maintain. During the process, make sure to apply paint in small holes or cracks. 

Staining can be used for garbed bricks. It helps enhance the bricks’ appearance. However, compared to painting, it can be more expensive.

If the bricks are still in a good state you may want to consider staining rather than painting. Do not paint on a wet and dented surface. Make sure it is dry before you start painting. Use acrylic caulk to cover cracks and holes. Avoid using acidic cleaners as it may have an effect on the paint.

Painting bricks can be challenging yet fulfilling. The highly talented team of brick painters at The Dublin Painters can help you achieve your desired results. 

Contact The Dublin Painters to get a free, no-obligation, and no-risk quotation for brick painting.

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